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Textbook information and quotes.

800 percent rise in college textbook prices over the last 30 years.

The major textbook publishing companies are set on squeezing every penny out of college students. Textbook prices have risen 186 percent since 1986, and they are increasing in price at about 4 times the speed of other consumer products.

Textbooks cost are equivalent to 72 percent of tuition costs as a 2-year public school.

7 in 10 College students have opted to avoided buying expensive textbooks percent rise in college textbook prices over the last 30 years.

$1,200 dollars is the average expenditure per college student per school year on textbooks and supplies.

There are five major textbook publishers controlling most of the nearly $14 billion college textbook industry.

Nearly half of all students surveyed said textbook costs affected how many or which classes they would take in a given semester.

If professors choose college textbooks

77 percent of professors say publishers rarely or never disclose prices.

94 percent of professors say they would buy the cheaper of two good books if they knew the costs.

New editions cost 12 percent more, making old editions useless for sell back and come out every 3-4 years.

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Congress Helping College Students

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) – July 1, 2010

Textbook Publishers must provide pricing information to professors.

College Textbook Publishers must break up textbook bundles.

Colleges must list assigned textbooks during course registration.


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